Sustainable Domes are designed to obtain the same benefits as Modular Housing through eliminating the headaches and potential pitfalls of the site built process.  Our products are less or comparable in cost to Manufactured Homes and far more superior allowing you and your family the opportunity to live in an environment that supports your health and well-being.


1. Water Vortexer

2. Double Green House

3. Aquaponics System

4. Waste Water Reclamation

5. Grey Water Reclamation

6. Colonics Toilet

7. Zeolite Shower Filter

8. Solar Power
9. Wind Power

10. Plasma Enhanced Electrical Generator

11. Grounding Bed

12. Hanging Bed

13. Solar Heated Water Tank

14. Water Vortexer

15. High Tech Living Kitchen

16. Yoga Swing

17. Far-Infrared Sauna

18. Geopolymer Foundation with Radiant Heat